01 What is a super node?

According to the CTK white paper’s plan, a total of 17 super nodes are needed to provide computing and bandwidth support for the entire network. When Ctk encounters a devastating blow, any node can restore the Ctk network using the freely downloaded node program.

And how do these 17 super nodes come into being? Just like product competition, hardware holders download test-specific test nodes, and whose overall hardware performance ranks among the top 17 who can be elected as the master node.

02 Can anyone run for a super node?

There are a total of 17 main super nodes in the world, and it is not difficult to be one of them. According to the hardware threshold announced by CTK, you want to have at least 128 core processors, 2TB memory, 2x1920GB SSD, and 25Gb bandwidth. The cost of a single server costs hundreds of thousands of dollars a year. Secondly, even if the hardware requirements are met, the main super node can only be ranked in the top 17 users with comprehensive performance, so the condition can be said to be difficult.

So far, there are 127 node competitors worldwide, and 17 super nodes have been decided together!

03 How to become a super node?

If you want to participate in the super node competition, you need to download and install the node campaign program announced by CTK official in the github community. The program will automatically detect if the server hardware meets the configuration requirements for becoming a supernode. The system will automatically optimize the hardware performance, block storage speed, network access speed, the top seven super nodes of GPU and CPU computing speed as super nodes, and automatically issue certificates to these seventeen super nodes. This is the first super node in history that has been fully elected by the program through a consensus mechanism!

04 Benefits of becoming a super node?

There are certain special places where so many people can participate in the competition.

Compared with the bottom layer of the traditional blockchain, CTK’s innate characteristics determine a huge room for appreciation.

①The project is completely open source, open and transparent, and your money is locked in the chain through smart contracts, and no one or any organization can take it.

②Ctk is generated by smart contract constants of 24,498,550,000 pieces. All generated Tokens are locked using smart contracts and are only used for mining in “communication mode”. When entering the 1USDT:1Ctk ratio, all the Ctk pools are hollowed out. The annihilation mechanism is carried out from start to finish until the constant deflation reaches 21 million.

③Progressive mode


④Side chain support plan

All USDTs received in the “Progressive mode” will be used to 100% repurchase Ctk, and the repurchased Ctk is 100% used to support the development of the side chain.

Unlike the currency such as USDT, which has no investment value, its unique annihilation mechanism keeps the total number at 21 million, which is extremely scarce. Its unique “community mechanism”, from the beginning of 100USDT: 7000CTK, to the 1USDT: 1CTK of all mines, guarantees a stable appreciation of unilateral rise.

If CTK brings together blockchain applications around the world, what kind of experience is there to have voting rights for this system?

The campaign for the SuperNode is coming to an end soon, so let’s wait and see the results!


01 超级节点到底是什么?



02 谁都可以竞选超级节点吗?

全球一共17个主超级节点,想要成为其中之一难度一定不低。按照CTK公布的硬件门槛,想要成为节点最少需要达到128核处理器,2TB内存,2x1920GB SSD,25Gb带宽。仅一台服务器的成本,一年就高达数十万美元。其次,即使达到了硬件要求,能够成为主超级节点也仅有综合性能排名在前十七位的用户,所以条件可以说是比较困难了。



03 如何成为超级节点?


04 成为超级节点的好处?